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About The Hive

Hello. I'm Jess,

Founder of The Mama Hive

I’m a former Events Director and mum to twin boys Gus and Jude.


After having the twins back in 2016 and unable to find a job that worked around the kids (where I didn't need to sell a kidney to pay for nursery fees and train fares), I set up Social Mama Hertford. Events designed by mums for all women, as I was desperate to get out of the house, meet other local mums and have a glass of wine and a conversation in peace.

Through Social Mama I discovered a huge number of women who like me, were struggling to work flexibly after having children and were constrained by the old 9-5 rules. So they too set up their own businesses, allowing them to do what they love AND juggle family life at the same time. 


There was nothing in our area though to bring this talent pool of creative and inspiring women together that was community driven, collaborative and most of all- fun.

And so the Mama Hive was born- a home for all of us, allowing us to work together, sharing our knowledge and cheering each other on, every step of the way.

Sound like what you have been looking for? Then come and try our way of doing business.

Our Core Values


We bring women together, to inspire and motivate each other. Whether you've already set up your own business, or are just starting out- this is the place for you. 


Use the Hive to connect with other female-led businesses. Team up with fellow members and work on something special together. 


It's always good to talk. Our informal meet-ups mean there are no scary presentations, just a load of awesome women who are passionate about what they do - just like you.

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