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Welcome to the Mama Hive




We are the Mama Hive

A community that supports, educates and inspires female founders, freelancers and small business owners.

We help our members to grow their network through authentic connections and collaborations with

like-minded women in business.

Running your own business can be tough. And it's also pretty lonely when you don't have a team around you to bounce ideas off, celebrate success with and support you through difficult times. So we’ve created our own community of women who are all in the same boat.

We believe in educating, supporting and championing all women, whatever stage they are at in their business journey. We're on a mission to create a new kind of space for female business owners - working together to build and grow sustainable and profitable businesses without burn-out and away from the hustle mentality.

Our community is built on a mixture of online and face to face meet-ups, giving members the freedom and flexibility to make our community work for them.

We do things differently in the Hive. 

Is the Mama Hive right for me?

Membership is based on a mixture of online and IRL events.


We welcome members from anywhere in the UK.

Our IRL events are currently held in Herts, UK but expanding from September 2021.

Fancy joining our team and hosting a Hive meet-up in your home town?

Female entrepreneurs, Freelancers and Small Business Owners

Regardless of whether you have been trading for 3 months or 3 years. Or even if you just have one great idea right now. We can help you build your network of fellow female founders who understand exactly where you are in your journey, and are here to support you along the way.

Community over Competition

Our membership is open to all industries. And unlike traditional networking groups we don’t operate a lockout policy. We believe there is room for all of us to thrive. We believe in community above competition, and are here to support each other through the ups and downs of being an entrepreneur.

Not a mum?

No matter

We welcome all women, of all ages. We are serious about inclusivity - you can check out our D&I policy here.
And no, despite the name you don’t need to be a mum to join.

What can I expect from my membership?


Online talks from guest experts covering everything you need to know when you run your own business from social media, and PR to website design and brand identity.


We also mix it up to provide more of a holistic approach to running a business - looking at the big topics such as confidence, imposter syndrome, mental wellbeing and stress management. 

small business owner hertford
small business owner hertford


We don’t believe that networking should be a dirty word. So our speed networking nights help give you the confidence to talk about your business, connect with other members and spread the word about what you do.


No dodgy dates here, just a room full of female founders who I guarantee you will want to call afterwards.


Our original members event from when we first started the Hive- still going strong! Our monthly brunches are relaxed, informal and kids are very welcome. 

Held in various locations across Hertfordshire (and more to come!)

mama hive coffee morning
Mama hive members forum


Our Facebook forum is a safe space online to connect with fellow members, support and get to know each other outside of the meet-ups. It’s the place to ask for recommendations, and share your latest news with the rest of the Hive. 


We host Summer and Christmas parties, as well as the odd lunch and Happy Hour drinks session -  because we don't think it should all be about hard work!


womens networking hertford
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Hi, I'm Jess.

Founder of the Mama Hive, former Events Director and Mum to twin boys Gus and Jude, who are Autistic.

After having the twins back in 2016 and unable to find a job that worked around them, I set up Social Mama Hertford. Events designed by mums for all women.

Through Social Mama I discovered a huge number of women who like me, had started their own businesses but were struggling with doing it all on their own and were feeling bloody lonely too.


So in 2018 the Mama Hive was born - our community of small business powerhouses, working together and supporting each other through the wins and through the crap parts too of running your own business.


Our Core Values


We bring women together, to inspire and motivate each other. Whether you've already set up your own business, or are just starting out- this is the place for you. 


Use the Hive to connect with other female led businesses. Team up with fellow members and work on something special together. 


It's always good to talk. Our informal meet-ups mean there are no scary presentations, just a load of awesome women who are passionate about what they do - just like you.

The Mama Hive Podcast

Jess asks female entrepreneurs to share their expertise, insights and some pretty big truth bombs about running your own business. Click on the relevant link to listen and subscribe.

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Meet some of the Hive...


Megan Rose Freelance Writer

The Mama Hive is special.

It's bigger than lots of other networking groups but it feels close-knit, full of support, laughs and great advice. Give me that over a stuffy network meeting any day. I'm so glad I joined!


Sunrise Holistic Therapies

         The Mama Hive has been a revelation in networking, absolutely the best group I have ever been to. The ladies I have met have been so supportive in sharing ideas and helpful advice. My business and confidence has grown since joining and I’ve made a lot of new friends.


2 Ducks Virtual Assistant Services

I joined the Mama Hive as a complete outsider to the town, not really knowing what to expect. I joined to meet new people similar to me; women, mothers and business owners. 

I have met some great women that I chat to regularly, socialise with and collaborate with.


The connections I have made have helpfully pushed me outside of my comfort zone and I'm now planning the next growth phase of my business. 


After Alice Ltd

It is easy to feel isolated when you work from home / run your own business. This group of talented and diverse ladies has been a great antidote to that. The monthly talks with an expert speaker have been varied and at times surprising, I try to go to most of them, and often it is the ones that didn't feel that relevant to me that provide some real gems.

I love hearing about all the plans and creative ideas from fellow hivers, it can be a real boost to have a relaxed evening talking the most enjoyable 'shop'. I leave feeling recharged and full of purpose for my own plans.