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We are The Hive




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We are The Hive

The Hive is a supportive, inspiring and inclusive community for all female founders, freelancers and small business owners. Founded by Jess Sizeland, we’re here to educate and champion women in their business journeys from launch to growth and beyond.

Through online and in person networking, events and workshops - The Hive is here to support you,

whatever stage you are at in your business journey.

Rediscover the joy of running a business!

After all, it doesn’t all have to be about hard work…

Running your own business can be pretty lonely when you don't have a team to bounce ideas off, support you and celebrate successes with. Or maybe you’re new to the area and struggling to find your tribe.

Our community fills that gap with a whole bunch of women who are all in the same boat. 

Our blended approach of UK-wide online events and more local face-to-face meet ups gives you the freedom and flexibility to make our community work for you. Hopefully you’ll also make new friends along the way, too.

Local meetups are a great way to get to know other members, while our online events give you access to a wider audience – and all the opportunities for collaboration, learning and growth that brings with it!

Women's Business Network | Hertfordshire | The Mama Hive

We’re creating an alternative space for female business owners

It’s a hybrid space (half online, half face-to-face) that doesn’t buy into the culture of hustle, burnout or waking up at 4am (unless you want to!).
It’s a space that encourages you to build a sustainable and profitable business at your own pace and in line with your values and goals.
It’s a space that says no to FOMO sales tactics, aggressive marketing, feeling like an imposter and believing there’s only one way to do things.
We’ll help you to grow your business network with authentic connections and collaborations, develop the confidence to set boundaries, and venture outside your comfort zone.

Who's The Hive for?

Women's Business Networking

We welcome members from anywhere in the UK

Our face-to-face events are currently held in Herts, but that’s going to be changing... In fact, maybe you fancy joining our team and hosting a Hive meet-up in your home town?

Women's Business Networking

We welcome female entrepreneurs, freelancers and small business owners

Whether you’ve been trading for 3 months or 3 years, or just have one great seed of an idea right now, we can help you build your network of female founders who understand where you’re at and support you along the way.

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We welcome all industries, with no lockout policy

We’re all about community over competition so, unlike traditional networking groups, we believe there’s room for us all to thrive, support each other through the ups and downs, and collaborate on something new.

What can I expect from my membership?

Online events

Talks from guest experts covering everything you need to know when you run your own business from social media, and PR to website design and brand identity.


We also mix it up to provide more of a holistic approach to running a business - looking at the big topics like confidence, imposter syndrome, mental wellbeing and stress management. 

Women's Business Networking


We don’t believe that networking should be a dirty word. So our speed networking nights help give you the confidence to talk about your business, connect with other members and spread the word about what you do.


No dodgy dates here, just a room full of female founders who I guarantee you will want to call afterwards.

IRL Events

From brunches to after work drinks, co-working lunches and informal coffee meet-ups, we've got plenty of in real life action every month for Hive members. 

Currently held in various locations across Hertfordshire. See the Events page for more info.

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Members forum

Our Facebook forum is a safe space online to connect with fellow members, support and get to know each other outside of the meet-ups. It’s the place to ask for recommendations, and share your latest news with the rest of the Hive. 

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Hi, I'm Jess.

I’m a former Events Director and mum to twin boys Gus and Jude, who are Autistic. Having children with a disability left me struggling to go back to my former career, and I needed to find a way to work flexibly around their needs.


The Hive was born in 2018 as a supportive and inclusive community for women who run their own business and want to connect with other inspiring entrepreneurs, who believe in the strength of collaboration, and who want to build a business that works on their terms.

Working for yourself can be tough. But you don't need to do it alone.


The Hive is built on three core pillars

These are our constant, and they’ve been the same ever since we launched back in 2018.


We bring women together to inspire and motivate each other. Everything we do holds community at its heart, from our online brainstorming sessions and busy members’ Facebook forum, to our in-person brunches. If you’re searching for somewhere you feel truly understands the highs and lows of running your own business – welcome, we’re here for you.


We’ve seen hundreds of successful collaborations happen between our members since we launched, giving them the opportunity to work on new projects with a fellow Hive member (or two, or three!). We’re really proud to see these organic, authentic collaborations benefitting everyone involved.


For us, the best way to form connections is by creating a space that invites the sharing of ideas and fears, and the offering of ongoing support to and from each other, so you won’t find any hard sell or elevator pitches here! We love seeing connections turn into partnerships and ultimately friendships, so we create as many opportunities as we can to connect online and offline. And as we grow, we’re starting to expand our network beyond its Hertfordshire roots…

Meet some of The Hive...

Women's Business Networking


Relationship Coach

Running a small business can sometimes feel lonely. The Hive offers a much-needed space to connect with others, share experiences, frustrations, successes and ideas. Since joining, I have been warmly welcomed and have expanded my knowledge in the areas that I needed support in, and have started to see multiple opportunities for collaboration and growth within my own Coaching business.

Women's Business Network | Hertfordshire | The Mama Hive


Virtual Assistant

Jess has created an amazing group of women who are so supportive of one another. I have needed this group more than perhaps it appears, as I have been in the background a little this past year, but during lockdown it's been invaluable. There's no judgment and the sense of a collective team spirit is amazing. I would highly recommend to any women in business to join The Hive.

Women's Business Network | Hertfordshire | The Mama Hive


The Glass Jar

Running your own small business for the first time can be a lonely and daunting place. From the moment I joined The Hive I was catapulted into a vibrant, welcoming community of female entrepreneurs who offer a continuous flow of support & advice. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend joining them.

Women's Business Network | Hertfordshire | The Mama Hive


Skin Specialist

Absolutely love The Hive, it’s been amazing meeting so many inspiring women and has really helped me think about my business and how I can improve. No negativity just positive helpful and supportive.